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What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things is the interconnection of physical devices in which “things” (e.g. doors; water, electricity and other meters; waste bins; shipments) are equipped with sensors and means of communication to regularly, remotely deliver information (data) about their use. In this context, Systemview offers use of the world-recognised and tested (since 2010) Sigfox network, which has been available in Latvia since 2020. Our solutions provide clients with information – meter readings, waste management, air and water quality, alarms – that enables them to reduce resource consumption, make appropriate fact-based decisions and receive client recognition.

How it works

A “thing” is
equipped with a sensor.

Information is read
and retrieved.
Information is analysed;
a decision is made.

1. Savings
2. Strategically smart decisions
3. Greener thinking

The Internet of Things is most often used by







The Internet of Things (IoT) will help your manufacturing or management company, hotel, shopping centre, or state or municipal institution obtain accurate and regular information (data) with which you will be able to make strategic decisions.

As a result, your company or institution can improve work efficiency and the safety of employees, residents and customers, as well as significantly reduce consumption of resources (water, electricity, etc.).

Using Internet of Things technology will enable you to gain the recognition of building residents, tenants of office or retail premises, and company employees.


Smart devices connected to water meters provide regular (daily) readings of water consumption so that data analysis can be used to make decisions and detect anomalies. In this way, the best solutions can be found efficiently, while the causes of anomalies can be revealed quickly in order to prevent them and reduce losses and other types of damage.

Monitoring waste bins helps determine their capacity so that resources are not expended on the collection of half-empty containers or, on the contrary, they are not always overfull. By optimising garbage truck routes, etc., it’s possible to reduce urban CO2 emissions significantly (up to 60%). It’s also possible to lower the costs of the waste collection process by 30% and, most importantly, attain a clean and tidy environment.

Freight containers, pallets, etc. can be equipped with a device that enables accurate tracking of their location in the warehouse, during transportation, etc. Also, by attaching sensors to doors, manholes, etc., it’s possible to detect their opening in order to achieve greater safety in buildings or on the road or to meet other objectives in each individual case. Such sensors can also be installed on lawn mowers, snow blowers, leaf blowers, etc. to monitor their location, evaluate the efficiency of their operations and make decisions about optimising their performance.

For the safety of road users: motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. With the help of smart devices, it’s possible to control lighting functions efficiently according to the season, events, etc., as well as detect deviations and disturbances: power failures, lamps burning out, etc.

By monitoring electricity and heat consumption and integrating artificial intelligence into the building management system, it is possible to save up to 20-40% of company resources, including electricity and heat as well as non-productive working hours. In addition, this system enables you to optimise the comfort of those working in the building, thus improving the productivity of company employees. Installing this monitoring system can increase the assessment of a building by about 7% on average.

Equipping smart parking lots with the technology we offer will make the use of both closed and open lots much more convenient, thanks to the possibility to clearly see the number of free parking spaces. This technology enables parking lot managers to optimise the operation of their lots and, based on the data obtained, make strategic decisions to improve operational efficiency: monitoring parking time, automating payment, identifying free parking spaces, etc.

Air quality monitoring indoors, on the street and elsewhere, so that you can decide in favour of solutions that reduce unwanted indicators. With the help of smart devices, it’s possible to determine CO2 levels, volatile organic compounds, air temperature, humidity, etc.

Water quality monitoring in swimming pools, water tanks and drinking water supply systems to promptly detect abnormalities – the addition of unwanted bacteria or other substances harmful to human health – so as to find effective solutions to identify and prevent the problem. Indicators for reading include pH levels, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and oxidation-reduction potential.

The Internet of Things can be used to measure and monitor almost any indicators: meter readings, smoke, carbon monoxide, natural gas leaks, door or manhole openings, road user movement, etc. Thus, by obtaining information about consumption, events, processes, etc., IoT technology implementers have the opportunity to analyse, draw conclusions and make strategic decisions.

One solution that can improve the safety of seniors is smartwatches. They are specially designed to provide extra safety for seniors, follow their daily progress, and help them get assistance quickly in an emergency.

To monitor the health and activity of seniors, the smartwatches have a built-in step and floor counter. For safety, there is a GPS that enables relatives to locate a senior and an SOS button.

These smartwatches send information to a platform that passes on messages as configured, to relatives, etc.

The second solution we offer to improve seniors’ quality of life is window / door sensors that respond to the opening of windows and doors and are able to report this event and offer a reminder after a certain time.

Why choose Systemview

Technology of the future

Currently, about 10% of devices globally could be connected to the Internet of Things, and there’s future potential for 90%. We have the knowledge, technology and skills to help modernise and optimise the operations of your company or institution and make the environment safer for everyone.

Greener thinking

Inefficient use of resources is becoming an increasingly important issue. Through the Internet of Things, we will help you use various resources more efficiently, without reducing the quality of your life or work.

Individual solutions

Our team ascertains the needs and goals of each client in order to offer individual solutions from the perspective of technology as well as data collection, processing and delivery; you can make effective decisions based on the information obtained.


About us

Systemview is a new company whose mission is to help a wide range of businesses –property managers, shopping centres, hotels, manufacturers – as well as state and municipal institutions gain control over the use of various resources through technological advances and opportunities. To allow them to know, not guess, how resources are used and where there are deviations or disruptions, in order to find the most strategically effective solutions in both the short and long term.

“Systemview is currently the only company in Latvia that provides extensive, efficient and individualised access to the Internet of Things using Sigfox technology.”

Our key specialists have more than 20 years of experience in the field of IT, including the implementation of diverse IT solutions and the integration of various systems.

Our specialists are happy to learn about your company’s needs in order to offer the most appropriate solutions.



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